The 5 Key Elements of Testing Security

As many courses continue operating in virtual and hybrid settings, online testing security has become a major concern for educators. How do you ensure that students are held to the same standards of integrity, showing that they have truly mastered the content? Below, we outline a few key security measures to consider when creating online … Continue reading The 5 Key Elements of Testing Security

5 Free Virtual Whiteboard Programs

Online whiteboards can be an excellent tool to utilize as you navigate virtual and hybrid classrooms. They are interactive learning spaces that can be accessed from almost anywhere, whether on the computer, tablet, or even smart phone. Instructors need only share the board with their students, and everyone instantly has a real time display of … Continue reading 5 Free Virtual Whiteboard Programs

Sensor data collection for class projects

Collect data with sensors for classroom exploration. Involving students in the first step of the data collection process promotes engagement and interest. It's hard to collect accurate data in the real world. Students must learn to be aware of different variables that impact readings and to harness their critical thinking skills to troubleshoot often. Raspberry Pi … Continue reading Sensor data collection for class projects

One question that helps students critically think (and vote!)

What's your reasoning? After critically thinking about their choices, Americans cast their votes today. (We hope!) There's a lot of misinformation out there. If students better understand sound arguments and reasoning, they can dissect the logic—or lack thereof—behind the daily barrage of candidates' speeches, social media posts, videos, and commercials. Such abilities are important today … Continue reading One question that helps students critically think (and vote!)