Halloween edition: Homework that students don’t fear!

Haunted by Homework? While October has been a month of spooky, scary Halloween fun, students won’t appreciate homework they’re afraid to attempt. To make sure homework doesn’t scare your students, consider these three factors: Practice that doesn’t spook students Why punish students for making mistakes on homework? If students fear failure, they may not even … Continue reading Halloween edition: Homework that students don’t fear!

The New “Typical” College Student

The National Center for Education Statistics says today’s 17 million undergraduate students look a lot different than they have in the past. Almost 74% of undergrads are now considered “nontraditional,” meaning that they are financially independent from their parents, have a child or other dependent, are a single caregiver, lack a traditional high school diploma, … Continue reading The New “Typical” College Student

The Student Experience

Everything—from the initial login to the final assessment—is designed with the student in mind. Students receive lifetime access to the tools they need to achieve academic excellence. Hawkes Learning’s user-friendly interface allows students to focus less on navigating the program and more on mastering the course content. A Virginia Tech student said, “The interface is … Continue reading The Student Experience