Guided Notebooks: How Do They Help?

Guided notebooks provide additional structure and practice opportunities for co-requisite & credit-level classes alike. These materials ask students to follow along with instructional content, apply key concepts & terms in exercises complementing those found within the software, and provide useful study tips to help learners better retain knowledge. This supplemental resource, available for a range … Continue reading Guided Notebooks: How Do They Help?

Now Available: Principles of Macroeconomics Guided Notebook

The brand new Principles of Macroeconomics Guided Notebook is the perfect supplement for online students, presenting content and exercises in an easy-to-follow format. Download a free sample chapter Created to accompany the online course and homework platform, the guided notebook asks students to identify key concepts and apply them immediately. Ensure a strong understanding of course … Continue reading Now Available: Principles of Macroeconomics Guided Notebook

How to help students with first-year jitters

The newness of a first-year classroom is often intimidating for students. As a first-year instructor, you’re tasked with setting the tone for their college experience. Let’s deconstruct four ways to eliminate the pressures of a first-year environment: 1. Provide Frequent Feedback All students can benefit from hearing it often and immediately, especially upon entering new territory. … Continue reading How to help students with first-year jitters

How do you teach tactile learning?

While many learners identify as predominately visual, auditory, or tactile, nearly all can benefit from tactile learning. This kind of learning includes hands-on activities and movement for students to gain a deep understanding of lesson content. Since tactile learning techniques aren’t always included in a traditional curriculum, here are three tips to incorporate some in class: … Continue reading How do you teach tactile learning?

Instructor advice on motivating students

Having trouble motivating your students to stay active and engaged in class? We understand that some days, it can be a struggle. Current and former instructors here at Hawkes Learning have provided advice on how to keep students motivated. Check it out below, then let us know what advice YOU have! In-class Consider announcing a … Continue reading Instructor advice on motivating students