Math review for microeconomics students

The NEW Principles of Microeconomics includes an entire review chapter to remediate math skill gaps.We know incoming students often struggle with math basics like graphing, solving equations, and finding area.   That’s why we designed Chapter 0 in Principles of Microeconomics—a full chapter of software lessons designed to target math skill gaps. Hawkes’ software learning … Continue reading Math review for microeconomics students

New graphing questions for microeconomics students

Hawkes Learning’s Principles of Microeconomics homework and testing platform provides new user-directed graphing that doesn't rely on Flash or plugins.These graphing questions enforce deeper learning, provide step-by-step tutorials, and offer specific feedback through an interactive experience! This summer, we're releasing more graphing questions throughout the software. Here's a sneak peak of upcoming graphing question types … Continue reading New graphing questions for microeconomics students

New Microeconomics Guided Notebook

The new Principles of Microeconomics Guided Notebook presents content in an easy-to-follow format.It asks students to pick out key concepts and then apply them immediately. Students also have access to basic mathematics remediation in the first chapter, which is designed to target math skill gaps in topics such as graphing, solving equations, and calculating area. Top … Continue reading New Microeconomics Guided Notebook

Step-by-Step Tutor in Principles of Microeconomics

Within the Principles of Microeconomics software, an interactive tutor assists students when they're struggling with a question and you can't be there to help.The Tutor tool in the Practice mode provides Step-by-Step, a feature that walks students through the steps needed to correctly solve any question by breaking it up into smaller, more manageable pieces.Students can also view … Continue reading Step-by-Step Tutor in Principles of Microeconomics

We believe there’s a better way to learn microeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics couples the mastery-based approach of Hawkes' automated homework and testing platform with an interactive worktext for extensive problem solving and graphing practice. Use innovative software as part of the teaching team outside of the classroom. Automate assessment to save time. Ensure students understand course concepts through unlimited practice. Robust user-directed graphing Artificial intelligence to diagnose common … Continue reading We believe there’s a better way to learn microeconomics