How do you teach tactile learning?

While many learners identify as predominately visual, auditory, or tactile, nearly all can benefit from tactile learning. This kind of learning includes hands-on activities and movement for students to gain a deep understanding of lesson content. Since tactile learning techniques aren’t always included in a traditional curriculum, here are three tips to incorporate some in class: … Continue reading How do you teach tactile learning?

English Instructor Resources

Looking for a sample syllabus to learn how another instructor has incorporated Hawkes in class? On the hunt for tips to share with students, including note-taking skills and sample papers showing how to properly cite research? We have you covered with the resources below. Instructors using Hawkes can also access these materials (and PowerPoint presentations!) … Continue reading English Instructor Resources

Guided Notebook is the perfect supplement to Precalculus courseware

Written by Dr. Chris Schroeder, Morehead State University, the Precalculus Guided Notebook accompanies the Precalculus courseware to emphasize the importance of writing mathematics and taking thorough notes. View a FREE sample of Precalculus Guided Notebook. This guided notebook ensures students engage with the content as they follow along throughout the instructional “Learn” mode and videos within the … Continue reading Guided Notebook is the perfect supplement to Precalculus courseware