How Do You Explain Mastery-Based Learning to Your Students?

As a Certified Instructor, Professor Brandon Ford of Navarro College has used Hawkes Learning for years and is a big proponent of our Mastery-based learning pedagogy. All homework and testing platforms are not built the same– Hawkes' mastery approach can be challenging for students to adopt when they're accustomed to being able to "turn in … Continue reading How Do You Explain Mastery-Based Learning to Your Students?

Ensuring students are college-ready

In education, little is more important than advocating for students. The demands of gateway, curriculum-level courses—coupled with the newness of college—can often enlarge barriers for underprepared students. There has been a lot a buzz about corequisite and accelerated learning programs as a way to help the incoming student population. Here are five reasons we've heard why … Continue reading Ensuring students are college-ready

The Student Experience

Everything—from the initial login to the final assessment—is designed with the student in mind. Students receive lifetime access to the tools they need to achieve academic excellence. Hawkes Learning’s user-friendly interface allows students to focus less on navigating the program and more on mastering the course content. A Virginia Tech student said, “The interface is … Continue reading The Student Experience