Guided Notebooks: How Do They Help?

Guided notebooks provide additional structure and practice opportunities for co-requisite & credit-level classes alike. These materials ask students to follow along with instructional content, apply key concepts & terms in exercises complementing those found within the software, and provide useful study tips to help learners better retain knowledge. This supplemental resource, available for a range … Continue reading Guided Notebooks: How Do They Help?

English Instructor Resources

Looking for a sample syllabus to learn how another instructor has incorporated Hawkes in class? On the hunt for tips to share with students, including note-taking skills and sample papers showing how to properly cite research? We have you covered with the resources below. Instructors using Hawkes can also access these materials (and PowerPoint presentations!) … Continue reading English Instructor Resources

Corequisite English Composition Course

We're thrilled to announce the newest English course, English Composition with Integrated Review. English Composition with Integrated Review encourages students to thoughtfully craft, defend, and polish arguments while offering targeted remediation of foundational reading and writing concepts. Student learning of core composition topics is supported by a contextualized review of study skills, grammar, reading, writing, and … Continue reading Corequisite English Composition Course

Use this grammar diagnostic test to target which lessons students must master.

Customize the way students learn.

Save class time and identify individual areas of weakness for remediation with Hawkes Learning's free grammar diagnostic test! Click through a demonstration of the test at your own pace. This 50-question assessment identifies areas of proficiency and specific knowledge gaps for individual students. A customized curriculum is developed for each student to strengthen their grammar skills and eliminate those errors … Continue reading Use this grammar diagnostic test to target which lessons students must master.

Additional Questions in Foundations of English Composition

New questions are available in the curriculum for Foundations of English. We've expanded the question bank so that you can assign more material related to reading skills and grammar & mechanics. Check out which questions are new below, then assign them using the Assignment Builder in your Hawkes Grade Book! Lesson Question Serial No. 2.1 … Continue reading Additional Questions in Foundations of English Composition