Summer 2020 Training Series

We’re kicking the summer off with a webinar training series focusing on best practices for distance learning and course customization. We are highlighting our newest features and tools and covering the basics of preparing your courses for upcoming semesters along the way.

While we’re always here to offer customized, one-on-one assistance, we hope you enjoy these additional Hawkes refreshers!

Check out the on-demand webinars below.

Preparing for a New Semester – In this webinar, we will help you prepare for the start of a new semester by walking you through the steps for setting up a new section in Hawkes. This training will include the basics of creating new sections, whether you are starting fresh or updating your previously created settings and templates. We will highlight reminders, assignment groups, late penalties, and lesson due date templates.

Customizing Learn, Practice, and Certify – In this webinar, we will walk you through a detailed overview of our new Lesson Builder. This tool, released over the past year, allows you to customize the content of our lessons in a variety of ways. We will share the steps for adding/removing questions from our default curriculum, moving questions between lessons, and adding your own content to Learn Screens.

Assignment Builder: Creating Custom Tests, Quizzes, and More – In this webinar, we will provide a detailed overview of our Assignment Builder for WebTests. This tool allows you to create your own online and printable assignments to supplement the Hawkes lessons. We will walk you through the basic navigation and functionality of the tool, as well as the wide range of customizable settings available when assigning these quizzes or tests online.

Advanced Grade Book Features – In this webinar, we will show you some of the more advanced features available in your Hawkes Grade Book. We will highlight customizing the Student To-Do List, ‘Visible On’ lesson due dates, unique Curriculum settings, Learn Screen Notes, diagnostic testing, and the basics of Question Builder.

What’s New: Summer 2020 – In this webinar, we will take a look back at some of the exciting features and tools that were released over the past year. A few highlights to look forward to include Student Certify Reviewer, Show Work, Lesson Builder, and students’ ability to retake Practice WebTests. We will also review our Assignment Reviewer and Learn Screen Notes tools.

Reporting & Analytics Overview – It’s all about the analytics! In this webinar, we will share some of our most widely used reporting tools available to help you review your end-of-semester grades and student performance. These reports include All Student Scores, Detailed Student Grades, Search by Criteria, and our comprehensive Assignment Reviewer tool.

Mastery Learning Made Simple – This 20 minute webinar will provide an overview of the student experience using the Hawkes software. See how adaptive technology meets a competency-based approach to create an ideal environment for online learners.  Join for a walk through of the customizable learning modules and the simplistic 3-step process to mastery of course objectives: Learn, Practice, Certify.

Question Builder Overview – In this training, we will take an in depth look at our Question Builder. This tool allows you to create your own questions that can be included in Lessons or WebTests. We will guide you through the steps for creating various question types including multiple choice, free response, open ended, click to select, and click to insert. We will also show you how to use our variable manager to create dynamic questions, incorporate graphs, and add tutoring options.

LMS Integration: Setup and Syncing – Hawkes integrates with a variety of Learning Management Systems including D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle. In these trainings, we will walk you through the steps for setting up and utilizing our instructor grade synchronization and student single sign on tools for each LMS.