Sneak Peek at Fall 2018 English Print Materials

Join Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn, for a sneak peek at the NEW print resources available: Foundations of English Grammar Workbook and Foundations of English Guided Notebook.

These new materials provide students with more active learning opportunities and ways to further engage with the course content.

Written by instructors, the Grammar Workbook includes activities, reading excerpts, and sentence-analysis questions to build students’ understanding of grammar, study skills, reading, writing, annotation, and critical thinking. This resource can be used as standalone grammar practice or as a supplement to Hawkes Learning’s courseware and text.

The Guided Notebook encourages students to be active participants in their own learning by prompting them to synthesize course content and make connections to their personal lives. Students build annotation and note-taking skills as the Guided Notebook walks them through the Foundations of English course content and directs their focus to key concepts. Additional examples, practice, prompts, and exercises provide an interactive experience to complement classroom learning.

About the Presenter:


As Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn develops and maintains the English product line. Sarah joined the Hawkes family in 2017; since then, the English team has launched two new print resources: Foundations of English Guided Notebook and Foundations of English Grammar Workbook.

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education from the University of North Florida.