Rguroo: A Statistician’s New Best Friend

Hawkes Learning is pleased to announce that we now bundle with Rguroo for our statistics titles!

What’s Rguroo? It’s cloud-based software that uses the power of R for data analysis. R is incredibly useful in the world of statistics due to its powerful graphing capabilities and analytics; however, it’s difficult to use if you don’t know computer code—which many students don’t.

Rguroo makes R more available to a wider range of students through a user-friendly system. You can access it using any web browser without any downloads or installations. As long as you have internet and an access code, you have Rguroo at your fingertips.

Features of this easy-to-use software include:

  • Data cleaning & manipulation tools
  • Interactive data visualization
  • Data modeling & statistical inference
  • Simulation suits & probability calculators
  • Tools to build & customize plots
  • Easy export functionality

Students get hands-on experience with multiple classical and modern statistical methods instead of learning passively from a lecture or becoming bogged down by computer code. You and your students can visualize, customize, and present data in detailed, professional-looking reports using Rguroo’s graphical tools. Data sets are already available in Rguroo, and you can quickly import more. Through a partnership with Hawkes, you instantly have access to over 30 real-world data sets on top of those available in Rguroo’s public repository.

Plus, since your work is saved on the cloud, you can create a lesson plan at home, save it, then share it with colleagues or bring it up in class the next day by logging into your account at rguroo.com. Students can save their projects at home and log into them during class without worrying about whether the computer has the right software installed. This cloud-based software saves your class time and worry.

Instructors receive complimentary access to Rguroo, and students only spend $20 for a year’s access to the software. Contact Hawkes at 1-800-426-9538 or info@hawkeslearning.com to get set up with access.

Learn more about Rguroo with this 3-minute video (and check out the on-demand webinar by one of Rguroo’s founders, Dr. Mori Jamshidian):

Hawkes’ statistics titles that can be bundled with Rguroo include: