Reclaim Your Time: Creating a Balance Between Classes & Home Life

Teaching and grading can be a time-consuming process for many educators. In this presentation, Nicole Wilson, will talk about her difficulties of managing her time to keep up with the demands of teaching and grading, while simultaneously writing and caring for her family. She will discuss tips and techniques she used to reclaim her time, to be excellent and productive in both teaching and handling your personal lives.

About the Presenter:
Nicole Wilson has been teaching technical writing and English composition courses at Bowie State University since 2000. In addition to teaching technical and professional writing, she has served as the Writing Center Coordinator, Developmental English and English Composition I Coordinator, and Reading Coordinator for Bowie State’s Summer Bridge Program. Professor Wilson has assessed and reviewed technical writing and composition textbooks and online interactive composition and learning programs. She has given presentations and workshops on grammar and writing, and has served as a supervisor for creating an interactive whiteboard reading curriculum for elementary and middle schools. In addition to her professional writing, Ms. Wilson serves in her community by writing grants and proposals to promote health and wellness and academic excellence. She is the co-author of A Mom’s Time Out: Inspirational Devotions for Moms by Moms.