Question Builder for English Instructors

Easy to use and incredibly powerful, Question Builder allows instructors to create custom homework and test questions. Join Hawkes’ Sarah Quinn as she walks through a detailed overview of this feature. As part of this webinar, Sarah demonstrates the straightforward step-by-step question creation process.

With Question Builder you can:

  1. Create multiple choice and click-to-select questions.
  2. Quickly make several different versions of each question.
  3. Add tutoring assistance with hints and solutions.
  4. Provide feedback and explanations for incorrect answers.
  5. Assign custom questions to your curriculum and tests.

About the Presenter:
As Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn develops and maintains the English product line. Sarah joined the Hawkes family in 2017; since then, the English team has launched the NEW English Composition with Integrated Review course and two new print resources: Foundations of English Guided Notebook and Foundations of English Grammar Workbook.