Polyparadigm Competency-focused Learning in Online Mathematics Curriculum

This will be a presentation of a current project emanating from a small research grant aiming at finding evidence of differences in academic performance between traditional online College Algebra courses employing commercial assessment software (ALEKS or MyLabs) and equivalent online courses based on a polyparadigm model of delivery structured around a hybrid competency-based learning approach.

About the Presenter:
Pascal Roubides of Broward College has a two-decade long experience in academia & business. In the educational arena, he has been involved in both face-to-face & distance learning for two decades, having facilitated probably well over 1000 courses, and have contributed to areas spanning from online curriculum & program development to educational assessment & analytics. His academic areas of expertise are mathematics, mathematical physics, engineering, computational continuum mechanics, learning/instructional design, ICT, educational leadership, educational technology, and e-learning. Professor Roubides has multiple publications in the above areas & is a frequent presenter, reviewer, and/or organizer at national & international professional academic & research venues. He has been nationally recognized for excellence in learning design & have always been a proponent & leader in technology and online education initiatives.