Perspectives on Composition: Pop Culture and Information Literacy in the Gen Ed Classroom

Professor Shep Shepard has been a longtime contributor to Hawkes Learning’s English materials. Hawkes arranged this webinar for Professor Shepard to share some of his expertise with our community of English instructors from across the country. At Hawkes, we understand the value of partnering with faculty in order to create and maintain high-quality course materials. We believe that your expert insight is invaluable.

In this webinar, Professor Shepard discusses how he uses popular culture and visual media to engage students in his English classes at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He also shares the highlights of his consulting work with Hawkes Learning.

About the Presenter:

Professor Shep Shepard studied film, sequential art, and literary theory at the University of Florida, where he received both his master’s degree and PhD in English. He has been an English professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville’s North Campus and Nassau Center since the spring of 2004.