Panel Discussion: Upgrading to the New Editions of Developmental Mathematics and Preparation for College Mathematics

Hawkes has released a new edition of Developmental Mathematics and Preparation for College Mathematics (previously called Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra)! Upgrading to this new edition’s courseware is free and easy, and it provides the best content for you and your students. In this webinar, we discuss both the upgraded content as well as the transition process.

Upgrading to the new editions gets you and your students access to:

  • 1,200+ concept checks to assess students’ understanding
  • 6,775+ practice questions 
  • 335+ writing & thinking exercises to apply higher-level thinking
  • 1,600+ applications to apply topics to the real-world
  • 12+ collaborative learning projects
  • A NEW Guided Notebook to build stronger learners