Panel Discussion: Upgrading to the New Editions of College Algebra and Precalculus

Considering upgrading to the new editions of Hawkes’ College Algebra and Precalculus titles? Listen to this virtual interview with one of the Senior Content Editors and our VP of R&D, as they discuss the enhancements and changes with the new editions. (17-minute video)

Our goal is to make the process of moving to a new edition as smooth and painless as possible for you. Let our team automate the transition of your grade book so you can utilize all of the new and improved content at $0 cost!

Enter your information here, and we’ll get started copying over all of your settings, assignments, and curriculum to the new edition for you. Using our custom conversion tool, we will recreate a grade book template in the new edition based on your existing set up to make the transition a breeze!

The complete revision of these titles now includes new chapters, topics and expanded exercise sets broken into practice, application, technology, and writing/critical thinking question sets.

22 new integrated review topics in the corequisite courses ensure students receive all necessary preparatory content to succeed.