Teaching Math Courses Online with Group Work

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Teaching online presents many challenges, but how do you get students to engage with each other in groups when you never see them in person?

In this session, Professor Max Aeschbacher and Professor Jon Anderson will discuss strategies to keep students engaged in an online setting. They will also share specific examples of projects that they have used in their own courses.

Professor Max Aeschbacher has been teaching developmental mathematics and quantitative reasoning for almost 20 years. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, competing at bridge tournaments, and playing video games online with friends all over the world.

Professor Jon Anderson is an Associate Professor in the Developmental Mathematics department at Utah Valley University. He began teaching in 2007. He has taught the Quantitative Literacy course for the past three years, and enjoys teaching non-STEM students. His research interests include studying how students learn math and in the intersection of technology and teaching.