Surviving Overload: Tales From the Trenches

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• EdSurge Article: Teachers Are Anxious and Overwhelmed. They Need SEL Now More Than Ever
• Book Reference: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, ISBN: 978-0-9743206-2-5, Copyright 2009.

Join Professor Thomas Mathews Horne of Oklahoma City Community College, a full-time, non-tenured, community college faculty member as he shares his story of surviving top-down prescriptive changes, how sometimes they actually know what they are talking about, and how a positive outlook and a growth mindset can help you and students even when they don’t (not that it ever happens). . . all during a pandemic! With a live Q&A following his presentation, you can ask Professor Horne your questions as well as hear from other instructors about surviving overload.

Professor Horne teaches first-year composition for the fun of it, preferring it and pursuing it with a passion. He loves it so much he put a ring on it (metaphorically speaking) focusing on it for both of his degrees. From homeless youth to nonprofit organizer and composition instructor, he seeks to make a difference every single day, which is exhausting! So, survival is not just a flippant or cute word to him—he uses it with purpose and meaning.