Stress Less: Addressing Burnout All While Handling the Paperload in an Online Setting

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Before Professor Nicole Wilson learned her campus would switch to online learning, her sister called her with what she thought to be great news: “Your campus just announced that they would switch to online learning!” Yet, because Professor Wilson had been teaching online for over ten years, the news made her reflect on the great challenges that were awaiting her as a lecturer who would have to switch from teaching two online writing courses to teaching five. While Professor Wilson understood that her workload was going to increase, she did not realize how, even as a veteran online teacher, she found herself stressed with the enormous amount of work. After a few days of sitting in front of the computer from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed, Professor Wilson decided to make a change that would reduce the stress, get her out of her chair, and give her the opportunity to embrace her students and the new challenge of teaching online during a pandemic.

About the Presenter: Professor Nicole Wilson has been teaching technical writing and English composition courses at Bowie State University since 2000. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she has assessed and reviewed technical writing and composition textbooks and online interactive composition and learning programs. She has also served as a supervisor for creating an interactive whiteboard reading curriculum for elementary and middle schools, written grants and proposals to promote health and wellness, and she is the co-author of a book titled, A Mom’s Time Out.