Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement in Online Learning

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This presentation by Dr William Mosier will introduce participants to a variety of strategies for enhancing student engagement in an online/distance learning platform. The focus will be on offering students choices, playing learning games that stimulate interest, as well as making the learning experience more user-friendly and personalized.

Dr. William Mosier is a Professor of Child Development in the School of Health Sciences at Istanbul Gelisim University in Istanbul, Turkey and Director of the Lynda A. Cohen Center for the Study of Child Development and Behavioral Health Clinic in Dayton, OH. ( Dr. Mosier is also a licensed Independent Marriage & Family Therapist and Professor Emeritus of the American College of Disability Analysts. He completed a doctorate in child development from the University of Southern California and completed post-graduate training from the University of Nebraska – College of Medicine. He is a diplomate in child psychology with the American Board of Psychological Specialties, American Board of Forensic Medicine, and American Board of Disability Analysts. He is the author of two books, 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, and textbook chapters, and has presented over 100 seminars at international and national conferences.

Dr. Mosier’s prior professional experience includes teaching in the Teacher Corps in St. Louis, MO. and directing Head Start and Migrant Head Start Child Development Programs in California. Dr. Mosier served 20 years in the military, treating children while on Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Missions throughout Latin America, Asia, and Africa as an International Health Specialist in the Bio-Medical Science Corps. Yet, of all his responsibilities in life, Dr. Mosier identifies his most important roles as those of husband and father of six children.