Shift in Campus Culture

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In this presentation, Professor Sanjay Paul of Southside Virginia Community College will discuss how you can be at the edge of the campus shift that is happening due to the pandemic, covering how to: work with students; shift towards digital technologies; adapt our teaching methods; and more importantly, share what you all believe works and what does not.

Sanjay D. Paul is an assistant professor at Southside Virginia Community College. He has been an educator for 22 years, beginning his career teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language and later shifting to subjects including Sociology, Psychology, and Counseling. Mr. Paul recently earned his MA in Organizational Leadership through Waldorf University and is currently pursuing a DSL through Southeastern University. He also holds an MS in Sociology from New Mexico State University, a Master’s in Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Golden Gate University, and a BS in Sociology from Indiana University, Bloomington. Having studied and traveled in numerous countries, these experiences combined with his educational experiences have greatly informed his approach to pedagogy, social community, and health & wellness.