Preparing Future Elementary Math Teachers Covid-Style

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During the spring semester of 2020, Professor Shari McCarty was forced to shift from traditional small group work in a face to face classroom at Aquinas College and immersion in authentic classrooms to a distance education format. Fortunately, designing lessons and reflecting on videos helped during a time when immersion was not an option. During this semester, Professor McCarty’s ensured that her future teachers continued to have rich mathematical conversations and engage in higher order thinking in her virtual classroom.

In this session, Professor McCarty will share her virtual classroom setup and explain what she learned for the future uncertainty of higher education. She will also answer questions in a live Q&A session following her presentation!

Professor Shari McCarty has been at Aquinas College for the past 18+ years promoting mathematics competency in future elementary teachers and productive relationships with schools. Through the use of close relationships with K-8 schools, her students have greatly benefited from linking K-8 to higher education for a win-win relationship.