Innovative Media to Enliven Student Presentations

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In this session, Professor Amanda Hill will discuss how media composition can be used to create high-impact learning practices for your virtual classrooms. These assignments are designed to put students at the center of the learning process and give them a new compositional skill.

Professor Hill will examine examples of project-based learning assignments where students use media composition to deliver research and findings in formats such as short podcasts and video essays. She will showcase accessible media editing programs that can be used to teach students how to create arguments and essays through video and audio editing. Attendees will leave with case studies of high impact, collaborative, media practices for undergraduate students as well as an introduction to the skills, techniques, and media required to conduct similar projects in their own courses.

Amanda Hill is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at St. Mary’s University specializing in storytelling and media production. She has presented internationally and has published in a diverse range of journals including Media Education Research Journal; Storytelling, Self, Society; Visual Ethnography; Florida Studies; and the IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences. She holds a Ph.D. in Texts and Technology from the University of Central Florida.