Inclusive Instruction Online/In-Person

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Going to LGBTQIA+ and beyond! This presentation will cover syllabus and classroom policies that, while well-intentioned and aligned with best-practices on the surface, may present hurdles that have unforeseen consequences for students and instructors. Professor Thomas Mathews Horne of Oklahoma City Community College will propose ways to address these policies that attempt to be both student and instructor focused and equitable. Topics to be discussed include late-work, texts/OER, technology, attendance, expectations, presence, and mindset. While instructor-as-ally elements will be presented, this is not a SafeZone Ally Training Program. Ask questions and join the discussion in a live Q&A following the presentation!

Professor Horne teaches composition and rhetoric. His private research focuses on the rhetoric of oppression, gender, and sexuality. One of these days he might write a book, but every time he thinks he might start, he gets another cat instead. #NoRegrets

He is a proudly identifying LGBTQIA+ “Family” member and has worked for nearly two decades to train and equip students, staff, and faculty to create more equitable spaces that are safe for all to learn free of discrimination.