How to Run a Self-Reflection Classroom (and its Effect on Student Success)

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Self-Reflection Grading Rubric

To Professor Kevin Shryock, there is a clear gap between what research has shown to work in teaching math and what happens in math classrooms. His solution: replace performance grades with reflection credit.

In this session, Professor Shryock of Northern Illinois University will examine the effect of replacing performance grades with self-reflection exercises in his Calculus 1 classroom. He will also share his experiences creating this framework, as well as assess the validity of his “plug-and-play” classroom with other students, teachers, schools and subjects.

About the Presenter:

Professor Kevin Shryock is an instructor of mathematics, an instructor of manufacturing, and a math education researcher. He is also a career-changer, with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and years of industry experience, during which he gained insight into how mathematics is used in a variety of applications and professions. Today, he works to advance the field of math education.