Corequisite and Traditional English Composition Courses in a “Live Online” Format

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Rowan College offers Enhanced English Composition I (ENG 101E), a 4-credit corequisite course that provides additional review for students struggling with grammar and other foundational English concepts. Professor Emily Maddox will discuss the structure and curricular design of this course, how it differs from traditional composition classes, and how students typically placed in developmental-level English benefit from working within this accelerated framework.

In light of the major systemic changes in higher education, Professor Maddox will share her experience adjusting to a “live online” format and how students can thrive in English Composition courses offered in this new virtual setting.

Professor Emily Maddox has worked in higher education for 15 years. She is an English instructor at Rowan College South Jersey and the coordinator of two English courses: Principles of English Grammar and Readings in Literature. Professor Maddox has also been involved in efforts to redesign developmental English education at Rowan College.