Communication and Organization – Keys to Online Learning

Webinar Slide Deck

In this session, Dr. Jason Caudill of King University will address a fundamental area of online learning design; the value of clear, consistent communication with students and how to help them organize their work. While the technical details of different LMS platforms will vary, good design translates to all types of environments and sets students up for success, along with making the job of a teacher easier.

Dr. Jason Caudill has been teaching online since 2004 and has been a full-time Business professor at King University since 2007, where he teaches in face to face and online formats at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Caudill holds doctorates in both Management and Instructional Technology, which allows for a unique perspective on the integration of sound instructional design with his subject matter. He is also a Quality Matters (QM) certified online course peer reviewer and the QM approach informs much of his own design philosophy.