New Corequisite Resources for Guided Review

Learn more about our new Guided Notebooks and features of the Hawkes math corequisite course offerings:

• Viewing Life Mathematically + Integrated Review (quantitative reasoning)
• Beginning Statistics + Integrated Review
• Discovering Statistics and Data + Integrated Review
• College Algebra + Integrated Review
• Precalculus + Integrated Review

Hawkes’ very own Brandon Aiton walks through the notebooks’ sections, including Strategies for Academic Success, Math@Work, Watch and Work videos, and exercise sets. He gives us a sneak peek at the new Making Connections and Looking Ahead sections of the courseware as well.

math r products side by side

About the Presenter:

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Brandon is a jack of all trades. He has worked as an illustrator, animator, choreograph, video producer, and now a web developer. Prior to Hawkes Learning, he was a facilitator at Apple with a focus in training members of the blind community how to utilize the screen reader technology known as Voiceover. Utilizing his passion for the visual arts, Brandon works here on our Accessibility team to ensure our web products properly describe the contents of each screen including any images, graphs, or complex mathematical phrasing. Most recently he worked to help create the web courseware for our corequisite products.