Meet the Authors of Algebra Foundations!

Hawkes Learning is excited to announce the brand new Algebra Foundations textbook and software! Algebra Foundations is an introductory-level text designed to ease students into foundational math concepts, teaching through examples and formatted to encourage active learning and knowledge retention.

Join the authors, Ginny Crisonino and Stephen L. Slavin, as they introduce their new textbook! They will walk through features including chapter sections, chapter reviews, and chapter tests, as well as provide an interactive look at the software tailored to meet the unique needs of students taking this course. 

About the Authors:

Steve Slavin has a PhD in economics from NYU and is the author of several textbooks. Now retired, he was an economics instructor for 31 years. Although he taught economics, he has written or cowritten about a dozen math texts. He is proud to say that one of his textbooks is now on its 12th edition.

Ginny Crisonino has taught mathematics at Union County College since 1983 and Drew University since 2005. She is close to completion of her PhD in mathematics at New York Polytechnic University. Among the books she and Steve have co-authored are Precalculus: A Self-Teaching Guide and Geometry: A Self-Teaching Guide.