Math and Statistics Anxiety and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning

In this session some of the recent research on math and statistics anxiety will be presented and discussed. We will explore some of the causes and symptoms of math anxiety and the ways it impacts our students’ learning. Mindfulness techniques to reduce math anxiety as well as some instructors strategies to help transform math anxiety will be discussed.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Moshonov-Cohavi has a true passion for teaching math and has been engaged in teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Mathematics and Statistics since 2003. After her graduation she joined the research office of the Medical Imaging Department at the University Health Network in Toronto Canada and served as a research statistician designing and supporting various research studies. She has begun her academic career at Avila in fall 2017. Her research interests include multiple measures for math placement, measures of student success in math classes and mathematics and statistics education technology. At home, she enjoys cooking, walking in nature, studying spiritual wisdom, exercising, and spending time with her family.