Managing Stress in Challenging Times

Test Your Stress
Desmos Presentation

In this presentation, Dr. Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi of Avila University will discuss various ways to measure stress levels quantitively and discuss some of the most common causes of stress. She will further explain how identifying stress levels and recognizing the causes of them are the first step in managing stress.

Dr. Moshonov-Cohavi will also present stress reduction methods and tips on how to create a class activity on stress management. This session will end with a short relaxation and visualization exercise.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Moshonov-Cohavi has a true passion for teaching and has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Mathematics and Statistics since 2003. She developed and implemented co-requisite courses in which she empowers her students to manage their time effectively and promotes growth, mindfulness, and stress management strategies. Dr. Moshonov-Cohav is also a certified Yoga instructor and has begun her academic career at Avila University in fall 2017. She studies and practices Kabbalah, yoga, and mindfulness for almost 20 years. She leads women’s New Moon gatherings and healing circles. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, energy and skills and inspire others to live mindful, fulfilled, and happy life.