Making the Most of Hawkes and Blackboard

Professor Linda Hunt will demonstrate how Shawnee State University uses Hawkes software integrated with Blackboard in their Math Core, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra courses. Offered both in face-to-face and online formats, the options afforded by the integration of these technologies prove powerful resources in assessing and connecting with students.
Take away new ideas and strategies for your courses including:

  • Discussion board study skills prompts
  • Keeping students on track with announcements, emails and checklists
  • Motivating students to interact with the syllabus and teaching slides through quizzing
  • Creating Guided (Incomplete) Notes
  • Developing Lecture Example sheets based on homework
  • Making videos, PenCasts, and transcripts

About the Presenter: Professor Linda Hunt is an Ed.D. from Marshall University (dissertation title: Predictors of Student Outcomes in Developmental Math at a Public Community and Technical College). She has taught for 35 years in math, computer science, and education in WV, KY, OH, and AL. Professor Hunt loves to ballroom dance with and batch cook for her husband.