Making Sure the Students Learn before They Take the Exam in Principles of Micro

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In Professor Martinez’s 2020 classes, students could not move on to the next assignment or topic without (a) submitting a previous assignment and (b) scoring well enough. Assignments included video lecturescollaborative readings, and mini-quizzes, as well as practice exams. The evidence suggests that the students who benefitted the most from this approach were those who needed the practice the most.

About the Presenter:

Gabriel X. Martinez is Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Online Education at Ave Maria University in Florida, which he joined in 2002. He earned his bachelor’s from the University of South Carolina, an MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Notre Dame, and an online Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership from the George Washington University. Most of his research is on topics of university education and on financial crises. An American and Ecuadorian citizen, he is married and has six children.