Maintaining Integrity: Tips to help you protect the integrity of your class in a tech-driven world

Webinar Slide Deck

In a virtual course setting, it can be challenging to identify cheating students. If you have questions about how to recognize and combat academic integrity issues in your online courses, then you are not alone. Join Professor Melinda Clardy of South Louisiana Community College as she shares insight from her own experiences with academic integrity in her math courses and as the chair of her institution’s Academic Standard Committee.

Professor Clardy will explain some tips and tricks to improve the academic integrity of virtual coursework and will answer questions in a live Q&A session following the presentation.

About the Presenter:

Melinda Clardy is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) where she has worked for almost five years.  As an online course lead, she has been part of the founding moments of the ever-growing online instructor group at SLCC.  Also a member and then chair of the Academic Standard Committee, she is a long-time advocate for strict policy and procedure surrounding academic integrity.