Isn’t it Iconic? Using Icons in an Asynchronous Course to Facilitate Student Engagement

Presentation Slides

In this presentation, Professor Chrystal Trapani will discuss how an organized LMS is critical for the success of an online course. If students are unable to locate course materials, it is impossible for them to be successful. She will explain how the addition of icons allows for visual content markers within the course to help students navigate through course materials and be successful.

About the Presenter:
Chrystal Trapani is an Instructional Technologist with the Center for Learning and Teaching and an adjunct instructor in the Department of English at Old Dominion University. Chrystal has crafted tech-forward activities in her composition courses for over twelve years. She blends her experience working with first-generation and non-traditional students, curriculum development, and creating interactive and accessible online course content. Professor Trapani is dedicated to mentoring faculty in order to help them achieve positive student outcomes. In working with faculty, she helps her colleagues gain strong, working knowledge of how to make course content successful for students of all learning abilities.