Incorporating Handwritten Assignments into an Online Math Course

Dr. Peter McCandless of University of Nevada – Las Vegas will present on the structure of assignments in UNLV’s Intermediate Algebra courses and the case for handwritten homework in the online classroom. 
He will discuss the purpose of handwritten work in mathematics and the importance of providing regular feedback to students. 
Dr. McCandless will show how handwritten assignments are integrated within his LMS – Canvas and offer tips for implementing written assignments in a virtual classroom. Q&A will follow the 20 minute presentation.

Directions for Submitting Handwritten Homework

About the Presenter:
Dr. Peter McCandless is an Assistant Professor Faculty in Residence at University of Nevada – Las Vegas. He teaches developmental mathematics courses and recently created online versions of Math 95 and Math 96 at UNLV.

Dr. McCandless has taught many undergraduate mathematics courses at several other universities, as well as introductory psychology and several education courses.