How to Improve Students’ Homework Techniques

How many of your math students have trouble completing their homework on time (or at all)?

Join study skills expert Dr. Paul Nolting, who shares tips to provide your students, including 10 steps for completing math homework, metacognitive techniques, and a guide to creating a study resource plan.

WAM7 Cover

The information provided in the webinar comes from Dr. Nolting’s brand-new edition of Winning at Math, the only math-specific study skills book to offer statistical evidence demonstrating an improvement in students’ ability to learn math and make better grades. An overview of the new content and features of the 7th edition will be shared.

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Paul Nolting is a national expert in assessing math learning problems, developing effective student-learning strategies, and assessing institutional variables that affect math success and math study skills. Over the last 25 years he has consulted with over 100 colleges, universities, and high schools to improve success in the math classroom. He has conducted numerous national conference workshops on math learning and disability issues at the American Math Association of Two-Year Colleges, American Mathematics Association, National Association for Developmental Education, and the Association on Higher Education and Disabilities. He is now consulting with colleges on developing their corequisite courses. Dr. Nolting holds a Ph.D. degree in Education in Curriculum Instruction from the University of South Florida.