How I Recreated an Active Learning Statistics Course for Asynchronous Online Learning

In this presentation, Professor Tina Ragsdale will talk about how she transformed her online statistics course by incorporating active learning strategies into her asynchronous course. Throughout the presentation, she will give examples of how she took her in person learning course activities and modified them to work for her online asynchronous course.

About the Presenter:
Tina Ragsdale is the Associate Professor of Mathematics, Developmental Math Coordinator, and Teaching Enhancement Coordinator at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Tina has a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University, and 12 hours in Education Administration and Management from Murray State University.

Tina is a member of the National Organization of Student Success and has presented locally, regionally and nationally for NOSS, AMATYC, CRLA, and AACU. As Developmental Math Coordinator, Tina has led her department in a complete redesign of the curriculum at her college. Underprepared students at her college no longer face up to three levels of developmental mathematics and most are enrolled directly into a college-level math course as their first mathematics course placement. Most importantly, the course redesign has led to a closing of success gaps for under-represented minorities and improved success rates for underprepared students.