Hawkes New Edition Upgrade

Upgrading to a new edition’s courseware is free and easy, and it provides the best content for you and your students. Hawkes’ concierge team is here to assist in setting up your Grade Book in the new edition to make your transition a breeze. We will copy all of your current settings, assignments, and curriculum to recreate a template based on your current grade book set up.

If you would like to review this new Grade Book before transitioning, let us know and we will add it to your instructor account. Your old edition Grade Book is still accessible at any time, and information in it will not be switched over to the new Grade Book until your specified transition date, at which point the new Grade Book will become your default Grade Book.

Settings that will be automatically copied to your new course:

  • Curriculum Edits
  • WebTests
  • Other Assignments
  • Custom To-Do List Headers
  • Course Materials
  • Question Builder Questions
  • Grading Options
  • Assignment Groups
  • Lesson Late Penalty
  • Define Letter Grades
  • Manage Instructors/Sections (Instructors, Sections, and Permissions)
  • Manage Temporary Access Codes
  • Manage LMS Courses
  • Display Options
  • Passwords
  • Time Zone
  • Reminders


  1. Login to your instructor account and select the NEW EDITION – PREVIEW course tile to explore the automatically transferred settings copied over from your old grade book
  2. Review curricula and WebTests that were copied over. Replace any missing questions provided by your Training & Support Specialist with new and improved content.
  3. Add Lesson Due Dates.

Don’t see the new edition in your instructor account? Request to add it by emailing us.


  1. Log in to learn.hawkeslearning.com with current login credentials.
  2. Press button to Upgrade.
  3. The new edition will appear on the student dashboard.

Questions? Contact your Training & Support Specialist at 1-800-426-9538 or training@hawkeslearning.com.