Hawkes’ Calculus Tutor: A Student’s Best Friend

Hawkes’ Calculus expert, Marvin Glover, takes a closer look at two components of the Hawkes Calculus courseware: Step-by-Step and Explain Error. These unique features thoughtfully guide students through the exercise solution process, with their level of detail setting Hawkes apart from other courseware systems.

  • Step-By-Step carefully leads students through the process of understanding the problem and methodically solving it. It imitates the worked-out Solution also provided in the courseware.
    • An example is drawn from a lesson on infinite series.
  • Explain Error anticipates common mistakes and, when made, immediately prompts students to address them by specifically pointing out the likely source of these errors.
    • An example is drawn from a lesson on vector calculus.​

Marvin Glover

About the Presenter:
Marvin Glover received his undergraduate degree from Athens State University and his graduate degree from Vanderbilt with additional studies at Temple and Alabama. His research interests were in Applied Mathematics, specifically Celestial Mechanics. Marvin helped develop the courseware and student solutions manuals for Hawkes’ Calculus textbooks.