Getting the Most Out of Zoom in Your Virtual Courses

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As instructors prepare for virtual course delivery this spring, many are turning to Zoom’s features and settings to provide a comprehensive online learning environment. From camera settings to breakout rooms, learn how “Zoom University” can be as effective as in-person instruction when you take advantage of the myriad tools it offers. Lea Rosenberry, Penn State’s lead Zoom trainer, will walk attendees through the Zoom functions that can foster increased student success in this three-part workshop series. Haven’t registered yet? Click here.

Ready, ‘Settings,’ GO! Enhancing your Zoom Classes with the Best Settings for You

Zoom has a myriad of settings that can be customized to work best for you and your students. Learn which settings can help your classes truly thrive in this virtual environment; join us as we investigate security, scheduling and in-meeting settings, and find the sweet spot between pedagogy, functionality, and security.

1/13/21 Workshop | 1/15/21 Workshop

Bueller, Bueller: Using Reactions and Polls to Get Students to Participate in Zoom

Teaching virtually can be challenging enough when it comes to keeping students’ attention. Sometimes you may wonder: Is anyone even listening? Am I here by myself? Learn to use Zoom’s Reactions and Polling features to keep students active and engaged. See how these features can be used to take the temperature of the virtual class, provide knowledge checks, and more!

1/18/21 Workshop | 1/20/21 Workshop

‘Breakout’ the Student Engagement Tools

Even with many courses remaining virtual, it is still possible to provide students with the opportunity for group work using breakout rooms. Breakout rooms can be used to increase engagement and foster collaboration in your virtual classes, and they are relatively easy to use! Learn how to set up and manage breakout rooms, use screen sharing and annotations, and use collaborative documents to create reusable group artifacts.

1/22/21 Workshop | 1/25/21 Workshop (final 20 minutes)

About the Presenter:

Lea Rosenberry is an IT Training Specialist and Penn State’s lead Zoom trainer. Lea was instrumental in the University’s move to remote teaching for Covid-19 and is continuing to support faculty and staff in using Zoom effectively so that virtual classes and meetings are a viable and sometimes even superior alternative to face-to-face. Prior to working at Penn State, Lea taught college-level math and statistics for 20 years in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. With over 16 years in online education, she has experience in curriculum development, creating online content, training and mentoring new instructors, and writing and facilitating online courses.