Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College: Comparative Study

Courses: Basic Mathematics & Introductory Algebra

Course Type: Modular-Emporium

Quick Stats:

  • 32% Increase in Students Scoring Between 80–100% on the final exam.
  • Before using Hawkes, 33% of students in Basic Mathematics scored between 80-100% on the final exam, compared to 69% with the use of Hawkes.
  • Before using Hawkes, 34% of students in Introductory Algebra scored between 80-100% on the final exam, compared to 63% with the use of Hawkes.

Genesee Community College’s implementation of a Developmental Math Emporium for MAT 091 and MAT 092 was facilitated by a Changing the Equation grant through the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT).

For the redesign, faculty chose Hawkes Learning, a mastery-based learning system used to engage students in the learning process with error-specific

With customized assistance replacing the generic lecture, instructors began to notice an increase in student success. Instructors conducted a study to assess two major categories: achievement of student learning outcomes and course completion rates.

Passing grade comparison bar graph shows more students passed using Hawkes Learning in an emporium than those in a traditional course.