From College to a Career: Creating an Effective Internship Program

Dr. Lane Boyte-Eckis of Troy University will highlight the steps and processes of successfully setting up an internship program within a college of business. The purpose of this webinar is to assist other institutions in implementing, further developing, and improving upon internship programs.

Internships are proven and effective ways for business students to gain practical, hands-on experience and improve job prospects upon graduation. In the past, internships were viewed as challenging for a non-traditional student. Research proves these opportunities can benefit all students in successfully transitioning from college to their career.

About the Presenter: Dr. Eckis is an associate professor in the Economics & Finance Department at Troy University. Dr. Eckis’ main areas of research focus on economic growth and development, female entrepreneurial activities, and economic education. At Troy University, Dr. Eckis teaches principles of economics, international trade, managerial economics, and the economics of entrepreneurship. In addition, Dr. Eckis is an active member of the Faculty Senate at Troy University, Faculty Welfare Initiative Task Force, The Student Centeredness Committee, Economic Summit on Jobs, and enjoys the role as advisor and mentor to her students. Dr. Eckis earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Auburn University.