Flipped Classrooms: Two Sides of the Coin

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Join Dr. Kymberli Barker of Central Carolina Community College as she shares research and pedagogy surrounding the Flipped Classroom format. The discussion will involve effectively flipping classrooms from both the instructor and student perspectives. Dr. Barker will provide ideas and share experiences from functioning as an instructor and curriculum/program developer in multiple disciplines, including science, math, CTE, psychology, and criminal justice.

The presentation will cover “L.E.A.R.N” from the instructor’s perspective (Liberate, Earmark, Abridge, Review, Nurture/Naturalize) and the students’ perspective (Look/Listen, Engage, Ask/Assist, Reflect, Naturalize/Nurture).

Student work, classroom activities, and feedback will be offered, encouraging open conversation to address participant questions regarding pros and cons, as well as application of this teaching modality across multiple classroom formats and reflecting on recent logistical challenges.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Kymberli Barker is an educator and program developer in sciences, health sciences, psychology, and criminal justice. She earned her undergraduate degree in Bio/Chem/Math, with research in genetics, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology, Forensic Specialization. She has taught these disciplines across a number of settings including college courses. She also works as a Forensic Psychology consultant.