Everything I Know About Teaching, I Learned from Marvel Comics

A twist on All I Really Know I Learned in Kindergarten, my presentation shows how five things I learned from Marvel Comics during my early teenage years have formed the basis for my pedagogy. In addition, using Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism” essay as a kick-off point, I show how these important lessons I learned from Marvel can help us improve our connection with students, enhance their academic experience, and invite them into a life-long love of learning. According to Graff, we associate “the life of the mind” too narrowly with subjects we think are weight and academic. Discussing the five lessons I learned from Marvel might possibly broaden our concept of that, and help us add value to our teaching

About the Presenter:
Originally an adjunct instructor of English at the University of Louisville in the 1980’s, Tim Roberts returned to teaching in 2015 after spending about 25 years as a technical writer and instructional media developer. Tim is now a Senior Lecturer and Dual-Credit Instructor at the University of Louisville, where he teaches first-year composition courses along with Business Writing and Scientific and Technical Writing. In addition, he teaches the first-year writing courses in the University of Louisville’s dual-credit program at Butler Traditional High School. Tim is also an adjunct instructor of English at Bellarmine University and previously spent a few semesters as an adjunct with Indiana University Southeast. Tim holds a B.A. in Radio-Television and English and an M.A. in English from Morehead State University.