Strengthening Connections through Real-World Applications in English Composition

Learn about the content additions and enhancements driven by contributing faculty from across the country in the brand-new edition of English Composition and English Composition with Integrated Review.

Sarah Quinn, English Product Specialist, will share insight on the content creation process and contextualized approach to writing instruction for students of all disciplines, experiences, and backgrounds. 

New features will be highlighted including seven additional topics, comprehensive chapter projects and exercises, writing prompts, and improved assessment content. The emphasis placed on real-world application, approachable practice, and multimodal learning opportunities will be discussed, as well as strategies to tailor content to support any English composition course.

About the Presenter: As Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn develops and maintains the English product line. Sarah joined the Hawkes family in 2017; since then, the English team has launched the English Composition with Integrated Review course, as well as several print products, including Foundations of English Guided Notebook, Foundations of English Grammar Workbook, the Reading and Writing Handbook for the College Student (Second Edition), and the forthcoming English Composition, Second Edition course.