English Webinars

Strengthening Connections through Real-World Applications in English Composition
Sarah Quinn, English Product Specialist

College Developmental Reading: A Sample Lesson on Student Engagement
Dr. Dana Miller, Delaware County Community College

NEW English Handbook
Sarah Quinn, English Product Specialist

Hawkes and Tigers: Developing Content and Organization in Academic Writing
Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

Perspectives on Composition: Pop Culture and Information Literacy in the Gen Ed Classroom
Shep Shepard, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Digital Learning: A Constructive Approach to Reaching Today’s English Student
Laura Brown, Hawkes Learning

Corequisite vs. Traditional English Composition Courses
Emily Maddox, Rowan College Gloucester County

“I’m not just a customer…I’m also a contributor.”
Cassy Beckowski, Cabrini University
Laura Brown, English Content Specialist

Zooming with Hawkes: Using Digital Courseware in a Hybrid Environment
Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

Accelerating Underprepared Students through English Composition
Sarah Quinn, English Product Specialist

An Insider’s Look at New Composition Materials
Katherine Cleveland, Project Coordinator

A New Direction: Hawkes Expands in Developmental English
Chelsie Messenger, Project Coordinator

Foundations of English: Meet the Authors
Michelle Williamson and Jocelyn Ann Hirai, Davidson County Community College (NC)

Implementing Foundations of English into the Developmental Classroom
Michael Thompson, North Iowa Area Community College

Creating an Integrated Communication & Study Skills Course
Dr. Sherry Wilson, Crowder College