Effective Teaching Tips and Strategies

This presentation is designed to provide a number of teaching tips that most instructors would be able to incorporate into their classes immediately. The tips involve course mapping personal designs, formatted emails, welcoming syllabus language, and active learning exercises. At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees should have at least one tip that they can incorporate immediately into their class that can enhance student learning, and/or improve teaching evaluation scores.

About the Presenter:
Joab Corey received his bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. in Economics from West Virginia University where his teaching efforts were inspired by Professor Russell Sobel and where he won the 2008 WVU Doctoral Student Teaching Award. He was then hired by Florida State University where he worked for seven years becoming an associate teaching professor. After missing the mountains, he decided to move to Riverside, California where is currently an associate professor of teaching in economics at the University of California, Riverside and specializes in teaching large section introduction to economics classes where he uses interactive class demonstrations, video clips, pop-culture examples, student-designed economic T-shirts, and occasional acrobatics to create an enthusiastic student learning environment. He has been the recipient of several teaching awards including the FSU Transformation Through Teaching award, the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Service in Excellence Teaching Award, the Florida State University Undergraduate Teaching Award, and the UC Riverside Honors Professor of the year award. His research focuses on economics education pedagogy, international economic development, and applied microeconomics.