Economics Webinars

Taking Advantage of Covid to Teach Economics
Hamideh Shokoohian, Yorkville University

Making Sure the Students Learn before They Take the Exam in Principles of Micro
Dr. Gabriel X. Martinez, Ave Maria University

From College to a Career: Creating an Effective Internship Program
Dr. Lane Boyte-Eckis, Troy University

Building Confidence in the Economics Classroom During a Pandemic
Dr. Ying Zhen, Wesleyan College

Behind the Scenes of Macroeconomics Course Development
Kelsey Gamel, Hawkes Learning Economics Product Manager

Economics Contributor Spotlight with Dr. Doris Bennett
Dr. Doris Bennett, Jacksonville State University, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

Digital Learning for Economics Students
Kelsey Gamel, Hawkes Learning

Behind the Scenes of the Hawkes Learning Microeconomics Course
Kelsey Gamel, Hawkes Learning Economics Product Manager