Digital Learning: A Constructive Approach to Reaching Today’s Psychology Student

Teaching in the 21st century is not without challenges. Students often struggle to balance academic demands with personal, familial, and professional obligations. They sometimes feel disconnected from their course materials, and might get easily frustrated by the avenues in which content is delivered.

Join presenter Cory Eno as he discusses the ways in which technology can benefit today’s changing student population. Cory will consider how technology enhances the classroom experience both for students and instructors through relevant, practical, and engaging opportunities to learn, teach, and study psychology. Additionally, Cory will provide a brief overview of Hawkes Learning’s current psychology resources that can work alongside you to best support your classroom goals.

About the Presenter:

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Cory Eno joined the Hawkes family in 2017 after 15 years in the classroom. As the psychology subject matter expert, Cory has worked with instructors around the country to create Hawkes Learning’s new course: Introduction to Psychology. Cory received a bachelor’s degree in History and Psychology from SUNY Fredonia and a master’s degree in American History from American Public University.